Section Committees

Section NE6B is led by three elected officers supported by five section committees. Are you an Arrowmen interested in joining a Section NE6B and helping to run the daily functions of the section and impact nearly 4,000 Arrowmen? Read about the committees below or sign up to be a part of the section committees by using the interest form below!

Section Committees


The training committee is responsible for organizing and facilitating all training sessions at section conclave, and assisting the Section leadership with administering the ACT conference, and supporting lodges in their training initiative’s. 


The communications committee will be expected to utilize social media, e-newsletters, and the section website to connect Arrowmen with the section, announce news from the national committee, and promote section, region, and national events. To support the section conclave, the committee will manage pre-event promotion/marketing, create the participant information guide, and document the event through photography and videography.

Lodge Assistance

The lodge assistance committee is composed of a group of Arrowmen from across the section. Their goal is to work with lodge leadership to find solutions to issues preventing our lodges from becoming high performing. This committee will follow up on goals set by lodges to see that real and positive change occurs.

National Program

The NP Committee is responsible for assisting with sharing news about programs at the regional and national levels. The committee will work with the section officers to plan a section gathering at NOAC. This committee will be responsible to update the section high adventure scholarship and ensure its distribution.


The merchandise committee is tasked with managing the section’s physical trading post at events, creating new inventory items, and creating a new online apparel store. Throughout the year, the team will brainstorm potential items to sell at the section conclave and ensure they are in stock at the event itself.

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