A letter about NE-6B Train the Trainer

We have new and exciting things starting in NE-6B in this centennial year. One of our first section events this year will be the upcoming Train the Trainer. Now what is that you ask? We will be helping our section’s trainers learn how to train better and help them perfect their skills. This year we are just holding it for the trainers at conclave but soon we hope to expand our outreach and help train even more trainers.
Our mission this year is to train the best trainers to train you at Conclave. We want to see the quality of Conclave training increase to a level we have never before reached. With excellent Conclave training, and a phenomenal experience provided by Guneukitschik Lodge and section NE-6B, we hope you can return to your lodge inspired and empowered to serve. If you have been invited to take part in Train the Trainer this year, please take part in this opportunity to better serve the section community. The success of this event, and our Conclave training rests on the shoulders of our top notch trainers.

We would like to thank our gracious hosts Guneukitschik Lodge for holding the Train the Trainer at Camp Sinoquipe on April 10th and 11th. We are looking forward to this event and looking forward to an amazing conclave this year.