Section NE-6B is located in Central Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, and serves five councils and their respective lodges. Section NE-6B began officially on July 1, 2008 and grew on July 1, 2011, following area realignments in the Northeast Region.


On January 28, 2017, Sections NE-6A and NE-6B will co-host the section training event, #LEAD. Here participants have the opportunity to learn, explore, advance, and deliver exciting techniques and best practices from around our country.

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Conclave is the annual gathering of the five lodges that make up our section of the Northeast Region. Each year, we gather together for a weekend full of fellowship and feasting. There is a little bit of training, and a little bit of inter-lodge competition.

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Officers and Advisers

Chief: Collin Heckman
Vice Chief: Matthew Otto
Secretary: Ean Dudley
Adviser: Scott Salvatore
Staff Adviser: Jake Segal

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