The Council of Chiefs (COC) is the governing body of the section and consists of the Section Chief, Section Vice-Chief, Section Secretary, a representative from each lodge in the section (normally the lodge chief), Section Adviser, Section Staff Adviser, and any other appointed Chairman or Advisers of the section. Voting members of the COC include the section officers and chiefs from each lodge.

Section Officers~

Every year at the annual Conclave, the attending youth participants elect three Section Officers to lead the Section for the year. Together, these three officers lead the planning of the upcoming Conclave, and coordinate any other Section-level events.

Section Chief – Bevan Watson

The Section Chief is primarily responsible for giving leadership so that a successful annual Conclave can be held. The Section Chief presides over all Council of Chiefs Meetings. He attends the National Planning Meeting to represent the Section, and works with other section officers throughout the year.

Section Vice Chief – Ean Dudley

The Section Vice Chief is primarily responsible for assisting with and taking on the duties of Section Chief as needed. He also works with the Section’s member lodges, to ensure that the upcoming Conclave is being promoted, and to promote National OA Programs. He also coordinates the Section’s efforts in assisting it’s member lodges with developing and carrying out their Journey to Excellence (JTE) goals 

Section Secretary – Ricky Leese

The Section Secretary is primarily responsible for coordinating communication among the Section leadership, and maintaining records, such as rosters and meeting minutes, for the Council of Chiefs. He also assists the Section Chief with the logistical details of Council of Chiefs (COC) meetings.

Section Advisers~

Section Adviser: Scott Salvatore

The Section Adviser is an experienced OA adult adviser, who is appointed by the Area Director. He or she is primarily responsible for advising the Section Chief and other Section Officers, and ensuring that the Section is run in accordance with the Section Rules, as written by the National OA Committee. He also assists the Section’s member lodges with administrative functions, such as the re-chartering process, or organizing new or merges lodges. He serves as the primary link between local lodges and the Regional and National OA organization.

Beam me up Scotty!Scott is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor from Monaken Lodge 103, but is currently serving on the Council Executive Board in Chester County Council and is an active member of Octoraro Lodge 22. Through his scouting career, Scott has served as a lodge committee chairman, chapter chief, ceremonialist, associate staff adviser, section staff adviser, lodge adviser, and has been to 12 NOACs, 9 Jamborees, and has participated in various trainings including NLS, NLATS, NCLS, and NEI. Outside of scouting, Scott owns and operates an environmental consulting firm and enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, stamp collecting, patch collecting, reading, and collecting old board games. If Scott were a popsicle, his flavor would be blue raspberry because it is slightly different and is the perfect mix of sweet and sour.

Section Staff Adviser: Jake Segal

The Section Staff Adviser is an experienced BSA professional, who is appointed by the Area Director. He or she is primarily responsible for managing the background tasks necessary to keep the Section running, such as coordinating finances, establishing the Conclave dates, and managing Conclave site legal contracts.

Additional Committees~


The rotating Conclave Committee is responsible for on-site planning and coordination of each year’s conclave. The chairman and adviser are selected from and by the host lodge to specifically serve and coordinate specific conclave logistics and events.


The Communications Committee is responsible for creating section publications, managing the social media, and updating the section website. The committee also supports lodge communication committees in the section.