Biweekly News- More is Coming (V15I1)

More is Coming

Exciting things are happening in the Order of the Arrow this year. Our centennial celebration takes off as our year opens, and the opportunities open to young arrowmen grow in number. Here at NE-6B, we want to help you take advantage of all the opportunities and activities this year, and in the years to come. So, to help you learn all you can, we’ll be releasing bi-weekly news on our very own site. Here you can read more about ArrowTour, the Brotherhood Ceremony, and everything beyond. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed right here.

Some of the best communication resources our order provides are its websites. You can visit the Northeast Region and National Order of the Arrow Websites just by clicking the link in the drop down menu at the top of our site. You can also follow the Order of the Arrow on Twitter (@oabsa) and the Northeast Region (@oanorth) for updates on the go, or like them on Facebook. If you ever have questions about National Policy, need a new practice for assistance in your lodge, or want to read more about the Order of the Arrow, these sites can help you do all that and more.

With national programs like ArrowTour, OA High Adventure, and NOAC, it can be tricky to keep track of the right information. The good news is, all these programs have websites stocked full of information, promotional material, and plenty more. Check out:

These sites will give you all the latest and greatest, and can help you promote the exciting opportunities of the OA at your banquet, fellowship, or other lodge functions.

Lastly, and most importantly we can’t forget about our Conclave this May. With an awesome theme and a phenomenal location, we couldn’t be more excited to tell you where to find information on 2015’s NE-6B Conclave: Back to Our Future hosted by Guneukitschik Lodge at Camp Sinoquipe May 29-31. From fun activities to great training, Conclave is the best opportunity to go beyond your lodge and enjoy the centennial in the company of fellow brothers from across NE-6B. More information on Conclave can be found on the NE-6B Conclave site, found in the dropdown menu under the section “Conclave.” Check it out, and remember to sign-up for Conclave through your lodge’s contingent.

We hope that you’ll check out all these resources, and keep coming back regularly to look at our section’s news. Contact your lodge adviser or lodge chief if you have any more questions about the excitement going on this year in NE-6B, and let them know if there’s any way we can better serve you. Most importantly, enjoy the 100th, because it really only comes once a lifetime!